Saturday, February 20, 2010


She stood there looking down from the window, the stretch of darkness going as far as the eyes could see. There were flickers of light on the horizon, a storm approaching slowly, perhaps signifying her own emotions bubbling just below the surface. The desire to turn and look back at the room now less filled made her heart clench up, things missing but other things lingered to bring her down into the pit of despair. His smell permitted the chambers, the memories of leather and blood. The scent of lands he'd been to..all she had now were gifts and memories left behind, things that made her eyes tear up and burn as she fights to keep them from spilling any more as she lifted her chin and clenched her jaw in the war of raw emotions.

What she lost, others flocked to shelter her, keep her from spilling into that pit. But it wasn't the same. Her heart had left her, the pain making her ill by now at her loss. Sacrifices in the end were meaningless, even the latest one of leaving Obsidian and all those friends she'd kept secret. Those same friends that constantly made an effort to check on her...

A warmth come up behind her and then arms, multiple one's as her children came and embraced her behind. She was so much smaller then her own children..her son had grown tall like his father but kept the lankiness of her own stature..her daughter was adorably plump and reminded her of her mother at times. Though it brought a smile to her lips, the tears were set free and spilled like a river as she started shaking uncontrollably to fight not to cry infront of them. Not to show weakness so that they could be always strong where as she was weak willed..always emotional. That curse that finally caused him to leave...what would she do now, that she was once more on her own? Though there were many around she still felt alone, that one thing that made her feel was all gone.

The tug of many arms pulled her away from the window and she allowed them to guide her away, her children putting her to bed with herbs that would help her sleep. Watching over their mother.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Stolen Moments

How many times has she slipped in to find it empty. The memories of the building bringing up her past, both good and bad. Now, its become her haven once more and she keeps to the place more often then not. Hovering near the windows or just outside on the porch, a small cold presence on the stoop that watches the streets and activities outside the library. She'll listen to the blaring music coming from Haven itself but less and less time she goes there. She'll wander the streets alone and see faces familiar and new alike, blurring as she continues on as some specter. Her thoughts are always a jumble now a days but she doesn't seem distraught or sad as she had in the past. She holds no more of that loneliness she battled back in the Coven.

Adjusting to the newness of belonging in something didn't take too long either. There were good people there that she could learn to trust and then there are those that come and go that she harbors distrust and indifference to. And though she is unable to be there as she had or as much as she'd like, she still attends what she could to make a place for her. She's in no hurry to rise up any further where she is. Or to show that what she was so diligently taught. More then just blood, sweat and tears under the tutaliage of her father and family. Its good to be the daughter of a demon that has no true form. Her regenerative properties has grown astounding and she was able to reform lost limbs and heal with ease. The pregnacies giving her so much hope and love; her two children bringing her such joy, for someone that thought never to have any. To ever let anyone knock her up. But she had loved those moments, the life growing within her, the power they would be born from her very being...she could only hope that they would do well.

The Shadow Lands is where she thrived most. Her children grew quickly. She was always amazed to see her youngest running by, nearly as tall as she and already beginning to mature..soon she would be bred and produce a stronger brood of offspring. Her eldest she wonders if he has already begun to plant his seed within the women he bedded...Her Rowan..Her strength. He was so like her in appearance with his father's dark hair and deep eyes to contrast. she looked more like her father then herself. It brought a smile to her lips because they begun to look older then her it seemed day by day.

There's a sound and she feels heat at her cool back, a smile coming to her lips as strong, thickly muscled arms come around her in an embrace that nearly stops her breathing, but its a welcomed thing that she always craves and receives in full. Leaning back, she lets him support her, the Darkness that she guides with her Light. This is what its like to be happy finally. To feel loved and not having to worry about being abandoned any longer. Never having to worry of loosing her Love to another.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Childrens' Grammar is so Kewt!

Small feet come running from the next room, the soft patter proving the individual bare footed. Neri blinks and looks up from the paper work strewn out infront of her, the gown tugged up around her knees to let her legs enjoy the coolness hitting over her shin after a long day in the heat. Even as cold as she is, she still reacted badly to the heat even as she had when she was breathing. A yawn escaping, she searches the one that entered her chamber and smiles to see a small white head where curled bounced down their back and around round cheeks. The smile on the child's face was infectious and she couldn't help but shower kisses upon their upturned face while she cups between her small cool hands. "And why are ya not in bed? Hmmmm? " She whispers softly as she sits back and slips her hands under the child's arms to lift up into her lap and cuddle close to her, running talon tipped fingers through the snowy white mane that rivals her own nearly. "Pappa said could stay up!"

Neri lifts a brow and ends up laughing. "He did did he?" A nod is given in response, the giggles coming from the child making her laugh all the more. " Well, I'm your mother and I said no." She taps her child's nose tip and smiles lovingly. " Its bed time for both of us. I have a lotta stuff to do tomorrow and you've been up all day without a nap too. Your grandpa is spoilin' you rotten." The lower lip thrusts out as they look to her and gives those huge puppy dog eyes that could make any heart melt but she's learned the game and just shakes her head with a soft laugh again. " Sorry, baby doll. Its bed time for us both. " The whimper goes on deaf ears as Neri lifts her child up into her arms and carries them to their own room, tucking snuggly into the bed and covering her precious in for the night.

"Can help momma tomowwo?" She turns the light down so that there was only a gentle glow in the room and looks over as she strokes hair from the pale brow. " Of course you can, baby doll. But only if ya promise not to draw on the blue prints. Pappa got mad the last time." She bends down to kiss her child on the forehead as a giggle erupts and gives a nod. "Pwammous, mommy."

She ends up chuckling and gives a sleepy sigh. "Nini precious." Neri gives another kiss to her offspring and gets up to leave the room even as the child's eyes begin to droop, heading for her own room to get some shut eye.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Smart Way to Kidnap a Demon?

17 Nexen: Oooh, Miss Felice *bows her torso deeply, hands folded in front of her skirt*

Felice bows gently to 17, "How are you 17, it seems like so long since I have seen you here... not got caught in any closets have we?"

17 Nexen: No closets no Miss. this one ran out of power while on an errand and it took some time before someone came to this one's aid Miss. But she is fully functional again now and back to her duties *she nods her head politely*

Felice shakes her head slowly, "I hope you will take better care of yourself in the future 17, perhaps we might arrange something with the Continuum to keep you running more smoothely."

17 Nexen: This one was helped by them once before. they are very skilled. it would be a good idea Miss. They designed an additional suit in case this one were to end up on hostile situations.

Felice tilts her head curiously, "IS that so, what does this suit entail? I will have to ask them to write up a bill for Denny...." she says rubbing her chin slowly.

17 Nexen: It is merely a protective armor in their own style and design. 17 was attacked when she first set foot on this city and one of the Continuum came to her aid. and made the armor for her protection to reach somewhere safe. Then this one arrived in the library *she smiles warmly*

Felice nods slowly understanding, "Ahhh.... and we are very greatful to have you here 17. I assume you recieved your duties and have been following them to the best of your ability? Or am I incorrect?"

17 Nexen: This one is doing her best to keep everything in order Miss. This one was jsut finishing up on her duties for today by polishing the chess set. But then Sir Masukami arrived and talked to 17. And this one escorted him to the church.

17 Nexen: After which this one travelled to the south district to look for any problems that might occur there.

17 Nexen: Oh, greetings Miss *she bows deeply as she folds her hands in front of her skirt. nodding deeply towards Nerissa*

Felice asks, "Did you enjoy your time with Denny?" nods gently as she sees Nerissa, "Ah Nerissa, I do not think you have met 17, she is our librarian on duty most often when she is here and tidies when others are on errands."

17 Nexen: He is very kind and interesting, yes Miss Felicia. it was very interesting to see him pray. Though.. 17 is slightly concerned as he seemed to be very distracted while he travelled to the southern area Miss.

Nerissa holds against herself a folder containing some paperwork, looking tired and withdrawn, and not wanting to interrupt. She looks up over to the pink clad female with a shake of her head. "No. Its the first time. Hallo, 17.." She looks to Felice apologetically. "Just wanted to give ya this.." SHe holds it out to her

17 Nexen looks at Nerissa and closes her large eyes and smiles warmly

Felice takes up her stack of papers and nods, "This is very fruitful of you Nerissa, thank you." she holds them to her chest a bit protectively looking down at them. "17 this is Nerissa, a fairly recent addition to the library."

17 Nexen: it is always a pleasure to welcome and meet any members of the library. Welcome Miss Nerissa. 17 would be very honored to help you with anything you might require here Miss Nerissa *nods her head politely with closed eyes and a kind smile*

Neri smiles. "Actually, I've been around these parts for a very long time..I've known Denethorn a long time too."

Felice looks over Nerissa's shoulder seeing Ada, "Hello Ada, lovely to see you here, how are you?"

Ada smiles and waves hello to felice"Hello Felice"moving in closer...

Nerissa Dae shifts on the steps to look back behind her.

17 Nexen bows deeply to Ada and smiles warmly "welcome to the library Miss. Please enjoy your stay"

Ada nods to her "Thank you"

Nerissa tries not to look so frightful and licks at the dried blood on her skin while she chews at her lips. "I'll go ...sort books.." She makes an excuse to give them privacy. Most likely she'll just be buried nose deep in one when she finds something.

Felice eye glint gently looking down to Ada once more, "Any change in your life that might be ground breaking?" she says clasping her hands tightly and holding her breath.

Felice watches Nerissa and nods gently, "That suits me well..."

Ada steps closer...

Ada, shifting her eyes back to Felice, tells her, "Oh i just wanted to give you the information i said i would bring back"...reaches into her pocket pulling out a peice of paper handing it to Felice.."sorry it took some time to get it back to you"

Felice shakes her head and accepts the paper looking at it approvingly, "Certainly not... I asked you to take your time and you have if you feel it is sufficiently filled out..." she states witha gentle nod. "Denny and I will review it very soon and see where we might place you." she says gently.

17 Nexen looks between the two ladies and smiles. Folding her hands together then looking to Felicia "should this one continue her duties and give you two some privacy Miss Felicia?

Felice bows gently, "Felice 17, just Felice.... and you may either attend to your duties or travel about if you like. It sounded as though you were enjoying your experiences outside."

Ada nods "I did give him a copy of it...but i gave it to you as well..I did say i would hand it in to you "

Nerissa Dae can be heard singing from somewhere in the rows of books, a sweet innocent tone from the small demon. Its an old tone and holds a folkish sound to it though the lyrics seem distorted or in some odd language.

Felice bows deeply, "And for simply the pleasure of your company, even for a few moments, is my own reward." she says softly. "How ever I do have an appointment that I should keep."

17 Nexen bows her head slowly "as you wish M.. Felicia."pauses a moment and then looks towards nerissa with a smile on her lips. Then moves to the chess set

17 Nexen reaches down and takes a small cloth from the rim of her stocking. Then takes a black bishop and starts to polish the chesspiece

Ada smiles softly to her"Well i will take my leave ..thank you again for your time was good to see you again"

Felice nods gently to her, "It is a pleasure to see you are well still in health Ada."

17 Nexen polishes the black bisshop untill it's nice and shiny. she bends over and places the bisschop back in it's place and takes up the queen.

Ada Habana nods and smiles onces more befor she turns and walks out ...

Felice Nightfire glances over her should and turns, "I will be at the hospital if I am needed." she states before moving to the door.

17 Nexen: yes Felicia. Are you alright? *tilts her head*

Felice nods gently, "I am quite well... I just have some business there to attend to. I must restock our supplies before they are all taken. Supplies have been cut short recently, coming in from the mainland."

17 Nexen smiles and nods "Please be well Felicia, and have a lovely day."

Ner pulls another book down after replacing the one she had beforehand, still singing to herself quietly, while she sways side to side lazily, tail sweeping counter her movement.

Felice bows gently to her, "You as well 17, take care Nerissa." she calls over to her, seeming content as she sees Nerissa and 17 seeming so pleasent.

17 Nexen goes back to polishing the chess set. She picks up piece after piece and polishes them all untill they all look nice and shiny

Sister Luna lands silently on the balcony and without a sound makes her way to the railing to look down

17 Nexen rubs her cloth over the black pieces. Polishing them one by one as she hums a soft playful tune.

Sister Luna seeing the woman in pink..but not the target she leans over so she is almost hanging upside down, and finally spots her target in a row of book cases...pulls herself up and silently makes her way to the stairs and starts down

Nerissa Dae seems to of found something to finally focus on while she thinks, the song she speaks growing softer and without though itself as she slowly turns page after page.

17 Nexen sets the piece back down and takes up an ivory white rook. She looks at it from all sides a few times and starts to polish it as she smiles at the piece.

Sister Luna stops to make sure the woman in pink still has her back to her...rather then risking a squeeky stair she swings herself over the railing and lands soundlessly on her feet again

Nerissa Dae frowns to herself as her eyes passes over the page, the coal blackness of her gaze just a glistening of wetness that passages over words. She hasn't stopped her singing and it gains some more passion to it as she becomes thoroughly engrossed in her reading. Her one true passion, she could become lost in the pages for hours.

Sister Luna keeping her eye on the lady in pink she softly moves to the book case, peeking around to see that the targets back is toward her

17 Nexen holds the ivory rook up again, looking at it again from all sides and polishes it a bit more before setting it down and picking up the next piece. bending down each time she switches the pieces, making her skirt shift each time. Then standing back up and brushing her skirt down with ehr free hand before starting to polish the next piece

Nalysia Bellah 20 reaches into her pocket...but sees someone coming in the west door and dips back into the shadows

Keaton Foehammer looks at the strange woman...polishing the chess pieces?

Keaton Foehammer: Make sure to clean the ivory queen twice...K likes to sneak in here and stick it in his mouth.

17 Nexen turns around slowly and smiles warmly. Bowing her head politely at the man "Welcoem Sir, and please enjoy your stay in the library Sir. Oh, and yes. this one is making sure all chess pieces are nice and clean.

Keaton Foehammer: Yeah like I said...Ivory queen, twice...bleach it even...K has herpes...don't want t' spead that.

17 Nexen blinks her large eyes and then looks back down to the chess pieces, the ivory queen in particular*

Keaton Foehammer: ...I'll be on my way...time to get drunk,.

17 Nexen picks the ivory queen up and looks at it curiously

Sister Luna holds her breath waiting ...waiting for the two to finish their conversation

17 Nexen looks at the ivory queen curiously. Herpes?... *ponders as she looks at the queen more closely*

Nerissa Dae absently hears voices but she seems not to be paying attention to it, shifting her weight from boot to boot with a yawn that stops her singing. She mutters something under her breath and pushes her glasses up as she concentrates harder on the book, shoving everything but the words on the page away from her thoughts.

Sister Luna waits a few moments after the man leaves and the lady turns back around ...peers through the books to see where her target is...then silently moves forward, the choloriformed soaked rag in her hand...slipping around the bookcase she moves as quickly as she can while remaining silent

Sister Luna coming up behind the target and wrapping an arm around her shoulder to cover her mouth with the rag, wrapping the other tightly around the targets body to keep the arms pinned..

Nerissa Dae has let her guard down completely, turning a deaf ear to her surroundings to the point that not even the crackle of the fire doesn't register.

17 Nexen blinks and ponders. she bends down and places the cloth back into the rim of her stocking. She looks left and right while holding the ivory queen

17 Nexen turns back and walsk up the spiral stairs, still holding the ivory queen in her hands

Sister Luna looks over her shoulder to make sure that the lady in pink hasn't heard anything...

17 Nexen sets the queen on the table and looks around.

17 Nexen: oooh, the hospital will know how to clean this. *giggles*

Nerissa Dae has her hands gripping the book tight as something surrounds her mouth and nose, muffling the sudden growl that rips from the small pale demon. The wash of coldness that explodes from her is numbing and she tries to suck air through the cloth but only comes out pulling in the smell of chloriform into her lungs. She small so it won't take much to make her start to feel dizzy, fingers loosening on the book slowly, as her body begins to grow limp, arm wrapped over her keeping her from crashing to the floor.

17 Nexen jumps down from the balcony. landing in front of the door with a loud metallic clunk. Then standing up slowly again and steps out of the door.

Sister Luna is at first shocked by the bitter cold coming from the targets body, but her cloak buffers some of it...when she feels the body start to go limp her eyes widden as she sees the book about to fall to the ground...lifting her foot she some how manages to catch the book on her foot before it hits the floor...letting out a soft sigh she waits long enough to make sure the target is out...then brings the rag from her mouth, and turns her to lean over one shoulder...reaching down she grabs the book from her boot, and lays it on a shelf

Sister Luna is about to move the woman but hears a loud clunk...but waits and hears the person walk out the door..."finally some luch" she whispers then pulls out her bag and pulls it over the targets head "i think its time i invest in a blindfold..."...then pauses again hearing someone walk in

Sister Luna grumbles something about the library never having this many people coming in and out and picking a better spot next time

Sister Luna lifts the unconscience woman over her shoulder, moving to the end of the shelves and look around to see if anyone else is there, not seeing anyone she heads out the door

Nerissa Dae oddly doesn't weigh much, the small leathery wings sagging at her back, tail totally still for the first time, as she's held in place. The demon was totally knocked out, each breath frosting the air now that the cloth was removed, and Neri's chest barely rose in her state of unconsciousness.

Father Twilight sighs and shakes his head, "Luna how will they take us seirously when they have that bag over their head?"
Sister Luna grumbles something about getting a damn elevator as she softly lays the woman on the floor...holding up a hand to stop anyone from speaking "I know i know, you don't liked them knocked up but not much of a choice with kidnapping a demon from a public building often visited by assholes"

Sister Luna: they don't see the bag thats over their own head

Sister Dementia turns to Father Twilight, "They do not know what is on the face of it Father, it should hardly matter now...." she looks down to Nerissa shaking her head, "What works will work in times of need Luna..."

Father Twilight grunts, "And how coherent is she this time?"

Sister Luna looks to Sister Dementia with a slight bow "thank you"

Nerissa Dae is like a rag doll then a sack of potatos as she's set down, long tail wrapped around her stocking clad leg loosely.

Sister Dementia crosses her arms more tightly looking down at her, "Perhaps the hand of a God might help her now Father..."

Father Twilight sighs and waves his hand, "Wake her...."

Sister Luna shrugs "i tried chloriform...ever done that before..."...scratches her chin trying to remember how to wake someone after using that drug..

Father Twilight grumbles, "oh dear lord...."

Sister Dementia nods and reaches into her cloak, pulling out a vial, "Smelling salts Luna." she says holding it out to her.

Sister Luna nods "ah yeah..thats it..." taking the vial and removing the cap before kneeling down and removing the bag from Neri's head...holding the vial under the demons nose

Sister Luna: "come on sleeping icicly time to wake up"

Father Twilight waits patiently for Nerissa to awaken....

Nerissa Dae is fairly quick to react to the smell under her nose, sluggish mind more animalistic for the moment that she growls out as the snowy white mane spills around the stooped shoulders. Its the demon that says something nasty under her breath, something that follows the lines of 'fuckers' before pushing herself up a bit more slowly.

Father Twilight looks down at Nerissa and then turn to Luna, "Bring her before me...." he commands before his eyes shoot back to the demoness...

Sister Dementia tilts her head looking down at her, "Hmm... fire and ice, an incredible combination..." she says moving a bit closer to Brother Liberabit.

Sister Luna keeps her gloved hand within her cloak as she reaches out and takes hold of the demons arm..moving her foward toward the big guy

Nerissa Dae jerks her eyes to one dark figure to the next, suddenly dropping any show of emotion as a defense, the coldness that radiates still numbing. She tenses up as she's pretty much dragged forward because she refused to get up at first before she finally pushes to her feet to stand on her own.

Sister Luna drops her hand from the demons arm before the cold causes her teeth to start chattering

Father Twilight eyes the demoness with a hint of respect, "Nerissa Lynn Dae....." he begins in a commanding tone, "You have been brought before this order to determine whether you are worthy to seek that which is hidden or if the ground below this window is more suited for this talents..... you shall be judged by your peers before you, you have no choice or say in this...." he then turns to the group, "Speak now or forever hold your peace, Brothers and Sisters...."

Nerissa Dae is tense but oddly silent as she draws in deep breaths through her nose to pull in fresh air, as much as one can get in this city, and clear her head. She peers straight ahead at the one that seems to be the leader, all still in her but for the tail that moves on its own accord if not somewhat violent.

Brother LIberabit simply nods, the exaggerated sway of his cloak adding an exclamation point to the gesture, "She has been observed. I vote, Aye."

Sister Dementia tilts her head holding up her hand as she watches Father Twilight, keeping silent.

Sister Luna also watches Father Twilight...waiting to see if she should cast her vote yet

Sister Dementia looks to Luna, nodding for her to continue the ceremony.

Father Twilight motions to continue

Sister Luna nods in both understanding it is alright to continue and in agreement "I believe she will make a fine sister"

Father Twilight turns to Dementia, "sister?"

Sister Dementia looks to Nerissa slowly, "While your chill will never come as a warmth to this city, if you can use you powers of persuasion as you have in your past I think you will work well with us." she turns to Father Twilight, "Aye."

Nerissa Dae 's head tilts subtly to each one that speaks. There's no doubt that she's listening, the guarded lax features still holding nothing of what goes on in that small demoness' head. But through it all, she remained looking ahead at theone infront of her.

Father Twilight looks down at the demoness and speaks, "Your short...." he says, "Luna, the mighty oak next to you, makes you look even tinier, yer glasses are big.... yer tail a tad bit out of control..... your cold... damn cold...." he murmurs and then begins to remove his hood and mask.....

Father Twilight grins as he removes the mask and looks on at Nerissa, "I could not ask for a closer or more trusted friend to be by my side..." he says and raises his right hand, "Aye, let her in...."

Sister Dementia follows suit and tugs at her own hood, letting it fall behind her as she tugs down on her scarf, pulling away her own mask and shaking out her hair.

Each thing spoken she just remains standing. Watching. Neri doesn't show much of anything until the things come off to expose the speaker and she looks like she suddenly has the desire to shove him out of the window behind him. She tenses up and then forces herself to relax once more and mutters. "Shit head...I coulda killed her.." She jerks a thumb to the one on her right.

Sister Luna chuckles as she reaches up and pulls back her hood, letting her white hair spill out and removes her mask

He grunts, Neri giving him a dirty look, "She can take care of herself, Lil Demoness...."

Felice nods gently, "It is a pleasure to have you up here as well now Nerissa." she states, pushing her hand under her cloak once more, looking a bit more calm as she pulls a needle from it.

Nerissa Dae takes a few more deep breaths and the relief in her face damn well near puts her in tears. But she is clear eyed from what one can tell and murmurs, "Thanks. to each." Words holding respect, that relief again.

The leader sighs, "Sorry for the scare, but it's really the only way we can drag ya off without causin' too much shit for us...."

Nalysia looks down to Nerissa..."you're friggin cold has hell, if i'd have known you'd be freezind i'd have worn my thermal undies"

Nerissa nods at Denny and looks up at Nalysia, just a small smile creeping to her lips. "Sorry..its what happens when I loose control of myself.."

Felice steps forward, needle in hand. "This is our darkest deepest secret Nerissa. We use secret names, hide out faces, and require insurance." she says gesturing to the needle in her hand.

Nerissa looks to Felice and eyes the needle with a small crease between her brow. "Its for the best I would think..its not like I've not done it before." She tells her and looks around the group again.

Nerissa Dae , again, looks at Felice and the object in her hand. "..What's that for?.." She asks.

Den grunts, "She wants to put the security precaution in ya...."

Felice nods gently, "Should you fall from our light, these dealings will only seem like a dream. There is a device which will release a serum in you when activated. All harmless." she assures her as she tugs off one glove, "It is for our safety." she states, "If you would hold out your arm."

Nerissa Dae makes a face that borders on comical. But not as much as the damn bag she was made to wear. She bites her lip and there's that small fear showing for some reason before she lifts her bared arm out to Felice.

Felice runs her fingers over the spot of her arm, using a brief bit of energy to sterilize before she holds the needle to her skin, "Just a pinch." she says as she pushes the needle to her, watching the skin carfully.

Nerissa Dae 's brows draw down as she watches, her skin showing a hint of sparkle like diamond dust right where Felice 'cleansed' the area, her body reacting to the use of power. Those large black eyes watching as the needle is pushed into the tone arm, skin easily giving around it.

Felice pushes the plunger of the needle down, depositing its contents into her. "We have all chosen our sister and brotherhood names." she speaks quietly as she withdraws the needle back carfully. Her thumb rubs again over the spot, as if rubbing away a stain, again using her power to seal the puncture wound. "I am known here as Sister Dementia." she states.

Nalysia says, "And I am Luna...but it has nothing to do with the fact that im Loony"

Nerissa Dae pulls away from the healing and makes a tiny sound of protest to worry about such a small thing with her. She glances over to Nalysia. " Yet to see that..yet." She tells her jokingly and then looks at the other guy she's only seen in passing before.

Rivers Magic drops his hood and says, with a slight bow, "Brother LIberabit."

Denenthorn Masukami grins as he pulls forth a new hood, cloak, and mask from the folds of his own robes and holds them before Nerissa, "I am Father Thaddeus Twilight of the Seekers....."

Felice looks up to Nerissa to her pulling away, "I am sorry Nerissa... I thought such a little thing would not bother..." she states softly, tucking the used needle back into her cloak.

Nerissa Dae turns to look to Denny and just looks at the stuff before she takes them to herself as she turns to Felice. "Its only that I heal fairly quickly..its in the blood.." She tries to give her a reassuring smile as she holds everything close to her body.

Felice nods slowly, "It will be remembered." she states and looks to her, "We have chosen our names, we only ask that you chose yours for our future meetings."

Nerissa lowers her chin some as her eyes fall to the floor with a small nod. "Alright..I'll think hard on it to be ready."

Felice nods gently and looks to Father Twilight, tugging her hood back over her head slowly, "Is there any other business at hand?" she asks as she slips her scarf and mask back into place.

Den shakes his head, "Dismissed..." he murmurs, "I am to stand here for a bit...."

Nalysia pulls her hood back up, and pleaces the mask back on her face

Nerissa Dae tries to hide her exhaustion now that all the adreniline's left her and turns to head for the stairs with her things, though as she begins to head down, oddly enough, her arms are empty of stuff..

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Idling Thoughts

She fingered a new hole in her favorite shirt and makes a face, Neri's mood falling a little more each time she finds herself confronted. Shot at. Snarled at. Picked on...Has things changed all that much then her time inside Toxian City? The demon is pulled from her idle thoughts by a question and jerks her head around to look at her father. The instant blossoming of a smile rises to her soft, pale lips and she sets a hand over her fluttering belly. Even after so long, she is still amazed how much he can affect her. They've not had too much time together, what with the babies' care, returning to her studies, and avoiding so many people it seems anymore... "Are you listening to me?" He asks a second time and it has her sitting up further in her chair without warning. "Yes, father. Sorry. Seems I'm suffering ADD today." He lets out a laugh and rests his hand on her brilliant white head to play through the shorn length, teasing through it to massage her scalp. It nearly puts Nerissa into a drooling state. Smiling, she looks up at him again, " It seems the kinda backed off or something. I haven't noticed anything lately or heard for that matter..Crab Infested Dea tried to take more souls like she's this bottomless pit."

His response was a laugh again and bends down to scoop her up out of the chair so he can take the place, sinking into the now cold recesses of its comfort with her in his arms still. " Any more news?" She asks cryptically, listening to her older brother move around in the room behind her, the animalistic grunts and insane snickering having her craning her neck to check Law out.

"Not yet, my dark rose..." Neri turns her attention back to him, hands resting on his arms begins to move, to massage the corded ropes from centuries of war. She nods absently until her brow creases with a furrow. "Have you been practicing the runs with your cousin?" Vulcan asks her, giving her petite frame a loving embrace tighter against his chest. The smile wins again and she snuggles into the heat of his torso with a sigh. "Yeah. Every chance I get. I'm still workin' on ways to prolong my Kiss on the dead. The older ones just ain't doin' what I want again. Least when they gotta brain, they think on their own a little better but the skeletons just don't do what I want them to do." Her father smiles, as if amused, and reaches up to brush his callused finger tips along the contours of her jawline until stopping up under her chin until her head tilts back to deliver a softly plucked kiss from her lips.

Law stops moving instantly and she knows he's looking at them. She remembers his sudden tantrum during the baby's delivery and tries not to let it bother her, to savor the way it feels when she's kissed. His jealousy of her keeps her on her toes. How he thinks she monopolizes all his time. Never once had they run him off. Always to try and encourage him to join them in sparring or planning for situations..but she is left wondering if its pride or something more that keeps him from approaching.

After the kiss passes, Vulcan sits back and holds her against his chest, the sound of his burning heart thumping under her pressed ear muffled by the rich tones of his voice speaking further on things going on and what they must do to prepare. For hours this went on before finally he spoke the desire of going out and window shopping. And the thought of going out lit her up and she was on her feet and ready in no time to join him.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Big Day

Vulcan Dagger: jessa..we're going to need you to do this

Nerissa Dae tries to get comfy as she lies back, glancing at Vulcan and then Jessa.

Jessa Alba: Have you been having contractions ?

Vulcan Dagger: We need to induce labor

Nerissa Dae: ..No...I need you get either a drug called Oxytocin or a PIP drip...Petocin IV.

Jessa Alba: That I can do . Let me get the necessary means. And for just in case purposes are you wanting to do a c-section or do you want to do this naturally ?

Nerissa Dae looks down at her body and bites her lip. "Not sure me using my own magick to force it would be safe to do..." She looks quickly. "Don't think we'll have trouble, I hope. So naturally.."

Jessa Alba: Very well then .

Nerissa Dae chews on the inside of her cheek as she sets her hands on her stomach, rubbing around it.

Jessa Alba rubs her arm with and alcohols swab and injects the needle into the top of her wrist , This should calm you a bit as well, just your nerves , nothing else.

Jessa Alba: This is going to cause you to dialate , once we get to about 7 centimeters we will be able to begin the process, if the inducing drugs take affect properly .

Nerissa Dae nods a she tries not to tense up as she watches the needle being shoved into her skin and strapped down with tape. She looks up at Vulcan again as she draws her legs up, knees folding.

Vulcan Dagger reaches down, gently taking her hand

Jessa Alba: Just relax , this takes a bit to get through the body .

Jessa Alba: Have you thought about a name yet ?

Nerissa Dae clutches his hand, showing how scared she is, but she rests her head back and touches her stomach with the other. "Yeah..already gotta name.."

Nerissa Dae shivers a little as she feels the drug hitting her system, glancing up at the drip, as she waits for it to start taking effect.

Jessa Alba smiles at her " Thats wonderful . " :: she checks her pulse and looks over at the heart rate monitor (( pretend there is one )) " Normal " "IM going to place this over your stomach , its going to feel a bit warm , but it will let us monitor your contractions. Its just a blanket really . "

Jessa Alba: " I know its a bit heavy , but once you are dialated, IM going to want you to push on a contraction , and breathe inbetween , you can listen to me , or you can watch the monitor , whatever you are more comfortable with .

Jessa Alba: The drug usually only takes about a half an hour to work , are you going to want an epidural , or full on natural birth ?

Nerissa Dae nods as she watches Jessa, fingers gently squeezing Vulcan's as if needing the reassurance of him there. "No more drugs then I have to..unless my own power flakes out and flairs up, then we'll be fine.."

Vulcan Dagger strokes his palm across her forehead as he leans over the bed, holding her hand

Jessa Alba smiles as she goes to wash her hands " Let me know when your contrations start getting closer , and IM going to check to see if we have any dialation yet . "

Vulcan Dagger: It will be alright..

Vulcan Dagger leans closer and presses his lips to her brow

Nerissa Dae runs her tongue against her lip as she looks up at him again with a small furrow between her brows. The warmth of his lips makes her body relax though her fingers clench around his hand.

Jessa Alba pullls the covers up from her feet to her knees , as if tented in front of her " Ok , sorry if my hands are cold , I just washed them .. :: slips on a pair of plastic gloves :: IM going to check your cervix for dialation, shouldnt be too uncomfortable. "

Nerissa Dae 's jaw clenches a little suddenly and she clutches his fingers. She nods and tries not to think about what needs to be done, a small hint of pain showing in her eyes.

Nerissa Dae: Like I would even notice cold hands, Jessa. I'm always cold..well..89% of my body is..

Nerissa Dae utters a small nervous giggle.

Jessa Alba looks at the paper feeding out of the machine " Your contractions are small , perhaps just a back ache at the moment but you are at about four centimeters dialated , shoudlnt be too much longer , :: she giggles :: Well I wanted to warn ya , cold hands make me jump like crazy . "

Nerissa Dae glances over at Jessa and gives a small smile, small muscle tremors taking ahold of her. "My water's not even broken yet...maybe I should do that myself?"

Nerissa Dae: It might make it go faster...

Vulcan Dagger listens silently

Jessa Alba: " So what name did you choose:: she smiles :: " I was trying to figure this out the other day , if you have this baby , im going to be a great aunt . Thats gonna make me sound old now. (( and doh , water breaking ... gah see , I just woke up . ))

Nerissa Dae squeezes Vulcan's hand as she feels the discomfort of the labors hitting her. "..Rowan.." she murmurs as she looks up at him.

Vulcan Dagger closes his eyes for a moment as he holds Nerissa's hand, feeling her squeeze

Jessa Alba: " I have this thing with names ... I have to read them backwards , I dont know what it is , but this childs name ... backwards.... spells out Nuuuuu! war . " Thats pretty honorable " ok now relax this shouldnt hurt at all , im going to break your water, so we can get this started. "

Nerissa Dae looks over at Jessa and blushes. "Better grab more towels before ya do." She tries so hard to make light of the situation, not just for herself.

Nerissa Dae closes her eyes as her face shifts a little with the odd feelings running through her abdomen. "I should be use to pain..I go through a lot to prove I'm not as frail I look.."

Jessa Alba reaches over the the bed behind her and grabs an extra sheet and lays it at the end of the bed , grabs neri softy by her ankles " Im going to need you to slide towards me a bit honey , placing your body at the far end of the bed as you would at the gynochologist, give me just a bit of haning off room and place your feet in the stirrups , there sould be Nuuuuu! mess , tehre is a catching bag comign off of the back of the bed made just for these purposes , yay for evolvment . Im going to break your water , and you will feel a slight pinch , but please dont worry about the mess or be embarrassed , it will only run off the end of the bed and into the bag to be properly disposed of after we are through , things are run very sterile these days . "

Nerissa Dae bites her lip and gives a small nod. She grasps the railing one handed and scoots her body down towards the foot of the bed, making a small sound under her breath as a slightly more noticable pain shoots through her. She takes a breath and lets it out as she gets herself within reach of Jessa, slipping her feet into the stirrups where her small toes curls over the tops.

Jessa Alba puts little booties on her feet " This is so your feet dont get cold , after all its the little things that matter " :: she sits down on the chair and slides neri just a bit closer to her :: " Ok just relax, this will only take a
second , and then your contracitons should soon follow. :: she places a tool to spread open her cervix and turns the dial on it so she has enough open room to slide in the instrument " Sorry I knwo this thing is uncomfortable" :: she penetrates the cervix with a needle and the ambiotic fluid starts to flow out slowly :: " This is wehre you need to be ready my dear, the contractions will be coming shortly , and you will need to breathe inbetween , and push when you are having them . Try not to push until you are totally dialated , I will let you know when we are ready to begin , just focus on your breathing . "

Jessa Alba: " Are you ok , do you need anything , any pain ... "

Vulcan Dagger looks down at Neri as he massages her hand, stroking his palm over her forehead

Jessa Alba goes to wash her hands again , s he takes off the gloves and disposes them it the trash , and places the needle in the hazard box above the sink .

Nerissa Dae slowly breaths as she grips the stirrups by her toes, knees bent so she's down as far as she can go. She closes her eyes again as she lies there and tries not to fret, a small shimmer of runes beginning to glow every so often from her nervousness over her pale limbs, a small sound made as she feels something inside her scraping then a wash of hot moisture trickling before it suddenly gushes out of her uterus into the bag at the end of the bed. She shakes her head quickly, "I'm alright." she tells her, eyes remaining closed tightly.

Jessa Alba grabs a cup of ice chips and a plastic spoon and hands it to vulcan " She cant have anything to drink but she can suck on this if she needs to wet her lips "

Vulcan Dagger dangles the ice over Neri's lips as he whisper's jokingly " You hear that Neri...she said you can suck on this.."

Jessa Alba looks at the machines again and grabs her wrist , while looking at her watch and lets the two talk for a bit before she checks on her dialation again

Disturbed Petion can hear vulcans voice and laughs...

Jessa Alba: " your pulse seems fine dear , as does the babies. "

Nerissa Dae looks up at Vulcan and gives him a soft smile, the ice melting under his finger tips onto her lips as they show signs of drying out from her breathing.

Vulcan Dagger slips the ice into her mouth

Jessa Alba: " Feeling anything yet dear , about now you should be feeling slightly tense during contractions .. they will be slight , but they will wake your ass up . "

Nerissa Dae gives a small grimace as if the pain of the contractions have gotten a little more noticable. She gives a small 'mhmm!' in response, a little high pitched.

Jessa Alba laughs " Heh , and this is just the beginning " : she sits back down to check her dialation again : " once again I know this is uncomfortable but it only takes a second. "

Nerissa Dae nods as she holds her breath and waits for Jessa, fingers clenching and relaxing again. "Its alright.."

Jessa Alba: " Is this your first child ? You seem to be moving along rather quickly , we are at about 6 cm now , this just may go smoother than I thought.. very rapid though .. almost odd , but this could be a good thing , I mean who wants to be here for 20 hours and end up giving a dry birth eh .. "

Jessa Alba: " You look nervous brother , don't worry , I will take good care of her . "

Nerissa Dae looks down at Jessa and nods as she takes slow breaths in and out. " What do ya expect? Not exactly normal myself.." She tells her and gives a small laugh before she tenses up as if she was hit with a very painful contraction out of the blue. She clamps down her jaws and tries to ride it out in silence, glancing at him with a furrowed brow.

Jessa Alba: " Yes, I didnt expect for this to be a normal birth at all , but your progression is almost shocking" : reaches between neri's legs and and checks her again , not much of a change this time but we are at eight :: her eyes narrow at the opening in her cervix as she pulls her hand away astounded .

Jessa Alba goes back to the machine again and check on the paper flowing out showing the timing between contractions " It seems we are at about 5 mins apart would you say ? "

Jessa Alba checks the IV , and switches it out replacing the drugs with saline as labor has begun .

Jessa Alba wipes her forehead with a cool cloth

Nerissa Dae opens her mouth and a small bubble of white comes up before she clamps her mouth shut around the raw arcanum trying to slip free. She had let control slip for a brief moment and only when the shimmering of the sigils on her stop shifting with ghostly pale shimmering does she speak. " Don't jinx me.." She tries to chide her with a small laugh that sounds strained.

Jessa Alba goes back to her chair , " Well according to this , you are ready to go , let me check you again ... " are you ready for this "

Nerissa Dae is panting quickly now and snorts. "What if I said no?" She trembles and clenches Vulcan's hand as the contractions begin to come closer together, making her muscles tense up along her thighs. The discomfort of the baby dropping down, a pressure in her pelvis makes her face scrunch up in pain.

Jessa Alba pulls the sheet back again and tries not to show a shocked look on her face as she see's that she is already at ten centimeters, " Well honey , your body is ready when you are ." : she says calmly : " Just remember, to push WITH the contractions and breathe inbetween , once I see the head crowning , I will let you know and we will do a few big pushes to get the shoulders out and then the baby , should just slide right out. I am ready to begin when you are my dear :: she places a soft blanket in her lap preparing to catch the baby when it comes , she makes sure she has everything ready , she gets up to go get a new set of gloves and then checks the machine one more time .

Nerissa Dae nods a little quickly, moisture collecting at the corners of her eyes to spill like diamond drops as they freeze and fall away from her skin. Her body will clench up with each new ripple of pain shooting down her pelvis, the strain of the birthing showing as she lies there on the bed. She turns her head, watching Jessa moving around, as if she needs the distraction from the incredible pain she might be experiencing. "Its...fine.." She says between heavy breathings.

Jessa Alba starts to talk to her just to get her to relax " Theres a full moon coming up , and I had a tarot reading yesterday , it was so spot on , I'll have to tell you about it later . It was eerie even . :: checks to see if the babies head is crowning :: "this one seems pretty comfortable in there , you must have given a good home " she giggles softly

Jessa Alba laughs " Just how you always imagined it eh, giving birth , gunfire in the background ... " shrugs

Nerissa Dae closes her eyes tightly as another contraction hits her and utters an inhuman growl without warning. Her fingers clenches down on Vulcan's against and utters, " I use to that...readin's of the cards." She whimpers in pain sharply and the hand holding the iv drip clutches at the blanket over her thighs.

Jessa Alba: " you did? I would love to get a reading from you somtimes to see if its par to the one I got . "

Jessa Alba glances at vulcan a second " I told him about mine, it kinda patterned a few things he said , it was a bit odd. " Something about the number three was brought up alot and he had said that just the ohter day . Kinda freaked me out a bit . "

Nerissa Dae tries to laugh, saying, "There' many alternate paths..Did ya not good yer own..readings?" She grits her teeth as another growl slips free as the pain in her pelvis turns stronger with the baby baring down in the canal. "...Triple..Goddess...Holy Tri..trinity..Three is..a powerful.Number.."

Jessa Alba: " yes , yes , they had both said that . It was very odd. "

Nerissa Dae: ".I..think there are thre.e..equinoxes..and th..three solistices a lunar ..calendar..."

Jessa Alba: " I dont know much about it , but im sure gonna pay attention to it . "

Nerissa Dae bares her teeth and utters a small cry, sitting up almost, without warning. She draws a breath, trying to calm herself as the monitor glitches with a savage spike on the paper. "..Rowan...the tree...they use to .." She pants heavily. "..use to plant it near gates..and ward off evil...The..the druids called it..The Whispering Tree.."

Jessa Alba: I still think its cool that you are bringing someone into our family with the name Rowan .... to me it really does say n o war .... I love things like that , to mix up the letters adn see what they say .

Nerissa Dae listens to the sounds of gunfire outside the hospital and the monitors give several beeps and odd sounds as the pain intensifies, as if she's affecting them. She looks down at Jessa again, trying to control her fear.

Strike Kumsung raises a brow.

Jessa Alba glances over at the lycan " Yes ? "

Strike Kumsung shrugs as he takes his cloak off. "heard something important was happening...thought i'd take a look.."

Jessa Alba smiles " We have a new life upon us soon ."

Nerissa Dae grips the bed railing as she pants through her contractions. She glances over, white curls clinging to her damp skin. "" She tries to say.

Strike Kumsung closes his eyes as the black skin flows off of him, beads of water pouring off of him as the ice melts. "oh god V's hellspawn is coming into the world" he says snickering.

Nerissa Dae flips Strike off, since she's using the pillows behind her and can't launch them at him.

Strike Kumsung looks at nerrissa smiling. "here i'll do it for you" he says as he holds his hand out, a spike of ice flowing suddenly as he then turns ramming it into his stomach. "happy?"

Nerissa Dae 's eyes flare white blue as the pain hits her every few seconds, shaking her head while she grips the railing tighter. "..No..." she blurts out and growls loud as the pain hits again.

Strike Kumsung sighs walking over to her as he takes her hand. "squeeze alright?"

Nerissa Dae flinches at his touch, her skin colder and now clammy from labor. His doom when he grips her free hand, the taloned tips curling into his flesh as she unconsciously clenches it when a contraction hits her.

Strike Kumsung grimaces slightly as he looks at her. " me a favor......get some ice..."

Lawrence Brun laughs in a deep voice "I am born of the king of the fire himself!"

Nerissa Dae grits her teeth again in pain, a vicious growl coming from the young demon. She grips hands, because V's still there. NODS. Sigils on her body pulsing intensely as she loses some control over herself.

Nerissa Dae looks to her right at him, seeing the tips of her talons in his skin, and quickly lets go of his hand while she tries to get through the pain.

Strike Kumsung looks at her as he flexes his hand.

Nerissa Dae closes her eyes as she breaths heavily, shutting off the intense glowing of arcanum burning strongly within her. She grits her teeth and growls as another contraction hits her, making the monitors spike and glitch erractically.

Jessa Alba: " How are you feeling hun "

Nerissa Dae turns eyes tearing up from the pain, teeth gritting a little. "Feels like he's trying to crawl back up inside me.."

Jessa Alba hopes she doesnt wreak of smoke too badly

Jessa Alba: Well I think we may have gone too far to try to stop the birth processas of now , so .. we should just take precaustions

Nerissa Dae nods as she continues gripping the covers while
she lies there.

Strike Kumsung looks on at as he walks across the room looking out the window.

Jessa Alba smiles as V returns with his coffe

Jessa Alba: " She's doing well . "

Vulcan Dagger sighs with relief

Nerissa Dae screams finally and shouts. "I'm fuckin' pushing damn it!" She nearly shreds the covers on either side of her. "Doin' well my ass!"

Vulcan Dagger: oh...I can see

Strike Kumsung sighs. "reminds of when bass was born...."

Jessa Alba laughs "Like I said she's doing well , she's gonna be a bit ... well cantankeous here for the next few ... but other htan that , she's ok . "

Vulcan Dagger: I will reframe from taking her hand for this part of the process

Jessa Alba: " Probably a good idea . "

Jessa Alba: " Neri honey , are you ready , we can do this as soon as you give me the word , this lil one's ready to start celebrating its birthday . "

Nerissa Dae bites her lip hard enough to draw beads of blood when she nods her head savagely as she looks to Jessa. "Now...before he d..decides to..crawl back up!" she whimpers.

Jessa Alba she pulls the sheet up once again , seeing that her cervix is fully dialated and the baby has dropped immencely " Im gonna need you to start pushing with your contractions, remember , again, push when you feel the contraction , and breathe inbetween ... " Vulcan , give her something to focus on , you .. a picture , it doesnt matter . "

Vulcan Dagger: you remember the time we were slaughtering the orphanage..

Vulcan Dagger tightens his hand around hers

Strike Kumsung: try a better thought vulcan....

Vulcan Dagger: The funny gurgling sounds the Priest made when he died?

Vulcan Dagger: Or the beautiful sunset we watched together in Japan..

Jessa Alba: " Ok honey , here we go ... on the next contraction , I want you to give me a goood push , and bring your legs up to your chest as you do ... vulcan you can help her with this , it will let her bear down while pushing as opposed to breaking your hand . "

Vulcan Dagger: How about the the sweet music box I bought you, with the lovely music it played for you that you loved so much..

It was so hard to look past the pain she was experiencing. Thoughts of how she had put herself through so much in the past when she was her father's guinea pig for his torture devices. Willingly letting herself be the first one to try them out on...

Nerissa Dae clutches at Vulcan's hand tightly as she is hit with another contraction, eyes turned to him with tears running down her face again. She holds her breath as it tears through her pelvis and draws herself forward, muscles baring down to push as she utters a small mewing from the pain.

Lawrence Brun squints "Ew, gross, sis ... "

Jessa Alba: " Ok ... ok .. perfect , I can see the head starting to crown ... take a few deep breaths and we can go again on the next contraction. " :: hands vulcan a cold cloth to lay upon her forehead ::

Lawrence Brun looks at his father "Hello father"

Vulcan Dagger begins wiping away the hot sweat from her brow with the cool cloth

Vulcan Dagger: Hello Son.

Lawrence Brun tilts his head "She okay?"

Jessa Alba looks over at Lawrence , " she is doing very well , she's stong , as is the baby . "

Jessa Alba: " Ok honey , ready when you are .. "

Lawrence Brun squints abit "Father can i not be present for this, it does not feel right to watch."

Vulcan Dagger: Take a deep breath..

Vulcan Dagger: You have my permission, you were suppose to wait down stairs anyway

Nerissa Dae 's talons dig into his flesh, a small growl given at Law, as she gulps deeply to gather fresh breath. Her heavily pants and whimpers, "" Hand shaking as she clings to Vulcan before another contraction hits her enough she cries out as she sits into it again, baring down to try and pushing as she'd been instructed.

Vulcan Dagger: The music Box, you loved remember. I bought you with a special tune it plays that you adored

The music boxes...they come to mind much quicker. He knew how much she loved them, playing them as he held her small form in his arms to sooth her when the baby had put a lot of strain on her body. The thought of those haunting tunes filled her thoughts readily and Neri found it easier to work through the pain...

Jessa Alba gets all excited and looks up at her with a smile .. " Ok I see a head !!! Now .. take a few to relax, catch your breath , if we do this right , you got about two good pushes to go ... on the next contraction I want you to gimme all you got ... lets get that head outta there . "

Lawrence Brun punches the hospital wall smashing a hole in the drive opening watching the concrete debris fly outward hitting the ambulence and spreads along the road his breath coming out a hold black mist and his eyes a full blown flame his feet start to flare up and the cracks under his feet start to rise up afew firey licks of flame he growls alil then drops to his knee's and lets out an earth vibrating shout of rage as his body burst's into an infurno and he shouts "Gra'kenr-ah!" his flame fades down to a light blue then dissapears the cracks in the floor sealing up then he falls to the ground leaning against the wall he just half shatters and sit there his breath slowing getting less heavy.

Nerissa Dae catches the coppery smell of her own blood spilling, the black wash of it trickling out as she feels herself split in two from the baby being squeezed out. She nods to Vulcan or perhaps to Jessa, small needle teeth baring as she grimaces to the intense contractions gripping her pelvis. She breaths heavily when it passes and all too soon another strikes and she cries out, fingers of her free hand gripping her thighs as she brings them to her chest, pale face turning white as she pushes with everything she has, her cry muffled as she tries not to waste breath when she needs it for the birthing.

Jessa Alba reaches in with her hands and gently cradles the babies head, taking the babies nose and wiping it in a downward motion as to push all of the fluids out of its nasal passage so the baby can breathe , she genly takes a hold of the babies head and says " Ok honey this is it , this is the big one ... we need to get those shoulders out and the baby will follow in suit :: she pushes down on the babys head as to stretch Neri's pelvis open a bit wider in order to let the babies shoulders fall out of her one at a time.::

Nerissa Dae takes a few deep breaths, the pain excruiating from the white glow of her eyes and white cheeks showing a feverish like flush. She feels a fire of white pain enveloping her small frame and clenches her eyes closed as her entire body is gripped into a steel lock after taking a deep breath and holding it, pushing with every thing she can to clear the baby's shoulders from the birth canal. The strain shows heavily on her and she tries to fight a light headedness that hits her as she shoves with all her might to push him from her body.

Jessa Alba: :: she takes the baby in her right arm , cradling it as she takes the small blue suction device and cleans out the babies nose and throat to let it breathe .:: " Care to cut the cord brother , this is a proud moment for you. "

Jessa Alba smiles at the baby starts to cry " Perfect .. absolutely .. perfect. " :: she says as she peers down into the childs eyes ::

Vulcan Dagger flicks the knife he had already drawn in preparation for this moment and twists it about in the skillful play of his leather clad fingers as his looming shadowy figure strides closer. Looking down upon the new born infant before severng the cord with the sharp edge of the blade

Jessa Alba hands him the baby and begins to sew neri up from a slight tear during the process " Im so proud of you honey , you were so strong . "

Vulcan Dagger: Wow he looks just like you..

Nerissa Dae feels him spill from her, the tug of the cord as Jessa catches the baby, and falls back against the pillows behind her silently. From under lids heavy with exhaustion, she watches Vulcan taking their son, heavy breaths lessening but still showing the pain as Jessa works on her. Thankfully, passing the placenta was quicker and it left her feeling

lethagic when she smiles at them.

Vulcan Dagger: hes did great, Neri

Nerissa Dae goes to reach out to touch him but her arm just falls back down onto her soft belly to rest, eyes glistening with tears as she watches Vulcan cradling the baby. "He's okay? Rowan's alright...all five fingers and

Vulcan Dagger: shhhh.....hes perfect.

Vulcan Dagger strokes his palm across her forehead

Vulcan Dagger: Don't worry.

Nerissa Dae closes her eyes and sighs, relief, exhaustion making her relax under his touch.

Jessa Alba goes to the sink and washed my hands and disposed of the blanket and the bag at the end of the table ...

Vulcan Dagger: Jessa..

Jessa Alba: Vulcan.

Vulcan Dagger hands her the baby

Lawrence Brun repeatedly bangs his head against the wall, hearing the cracks start to spread up the wall "Great ... yet another way to loose

Vulcan Dagger: I'd like you to be one to give the baby to Nerissa, to hold..The loving aunt handing off the new born to his Proud Mother

Mystique Xeno looks on the ground and ceiling.. ''What happend here? And what's going on with you?''

Lawrence Brun punches the ground this time not as hard as he leave's an indent and looks up to myst then looks back down at the floor and mumbles "Nothing ... " snarls abit "Fucking nothing."

Mystique Xeno narrows her eyes.. ''Allright.. if you need anything or want to talk you know where to find me..''

Jessa Alba takes the baby in her arms and sheds a single tear on its chest and smells its sweet head " Happy Birthday little one, welcome to our family . " :: she hands the baby to Nerissa proudly and smiles :: " Its all worth it in the end , once they grab your finger with that teeny little hand . "

Lawrence Brun nods "Ill hold you to that." he grins patting the open floor "Have a seat."

Jessa Alba: "Thank you Vulcan for such an honor. I seee great things in this childs future. "

Mystique Xeno laughs ''Are you sure you don't want me to stand.. So you can try looking up my skirt?''

Lawrence Brun grins "Your wearing pants, its pointless." pats the floor again "Your free to sit on my hand though." he winks

Mystique Xeno laughs harder.. ''In your dreams''

Jessa Alba VOMITS violently

Lawrence Brun smiles "Then just sit."

Nerissa Dae 's eyes looks down at Rowan, being able to hold him for the first time. She bites her lip as tears spill and brushes her fingers over his hair and tiny features.

Nerissa Dae looks over at her father.

Jessa Alba: well the baby thinks its funny

Jessa Alba: haha

Rowan Dae Dagger
Born May 06 (2009)

Friday, May 1, 2009


The place was quiet when I arrived, or so I thought after glancing around. Mum was sound asleep on the bed and I went to cover her carefully after making sure she was alright. It still choked me up a little, looking at the dark haired elven woman that gave birth to me, and now my attention is stolen by a tiny sound behind me. Turning, I creep slowly towards it, the crib tucked up under an ornamental window, and looked down at my new baby brother. It was ackward resting against the side, my own swollen belly making it hard to get close unless I come in at an angle. Tears well up in my eyes and I can feel them running down as I silently can't help but cry with happiness as Raven sleeps in his bed. Those tiny baby sounds making my heart clench up with excitement. I couldn't wait until I had my own, rubbing my belly, I could feel the unborn shifting in its tiny confinement. It makes me smile all the more as I dried the tears from my eyes.

"How sweet you are, lil baby brother..are ya gonna grow up like me? I hope not.." Leaning over, I rest my chin on the railing of the crib, and reach down to brush a talon lightly across the feathery dark cap of hair crowning Raven's head. I smile again and sigh quietly as I try to ignore my own discomfort.

After a moments, I finally turn away and move over to the bed, crawling across to lie down with my mother to rest and hope for the pains to go away..